Web Design 101

Web design showcases different skills and disciplines in the production and maintenance of websites. Web design includes areas like user experience design, web graphic design, interface design, search engine optimization and authoring, including standardized code and proprietary software. Web designing is one of the major areas of web development. Web designers are expected to know the latest updates regarding web accessibility guidelines. It’s quite hard to imagine the internet world without graphics and background. To do this, web designers together with a team of developers may use a markup language such as HTML or CSS to create websites. Web designers … Continue reading Web Design 101

Should we still follow old folks’ funeral beliefs?

I heard numerous funeral customs and traditions involving mothers and children. In every funeral that I’ve been to, people keep on reminding us that pregnant women should not visit wakes or be in any way involve with funerals. When my sister Paige was still pregnant with her first baby, my Aunt Fevie died due to heart failure. She was very close to Paige and it surely was a painful moment for my sister, especially when my father told her that she cannot participate in the funeral service. Paige was not allowed to attend the wake or the burial ceremony. They … Continue reading Should we still follow old folks’ funeral beliefs?

Family weekend fun

  Canyoning, also known as Canyoneering, is a very popular sport. This sport involves different activities that will test your strength and skills. This rope sport combines other sports such as rock climbing, cliff jumping and rappelling. This recreational activity has been our family bonding since 2015. My brother was the first one who went Canyoneering. With his group of friends, they went Canyoneering. This is their annual reunion activity. After his first trek, my brother planned a weekend trip for us. He arranged everything, from the transportation to the trail guide. The trail was like a power walk. We … Continue reading Family weekend fun

The day that changed my life forever

I just got home from work. I am as tired as an overworked cow. I did not bother to cook dinner since no one will eat it anyway. No one else will even starve. No one since there’s nobody else in this house but me. I’ve been alone for 10 years now. Ten lonely years had passed. It’s been exactly 3,652 days since my entire family burned into ashes. I was only 8 years old that time. On the way home from school with my older brother, we saw fire trucks passed one by one. One, two, three, I lost … Continue reading The day that changed my life forever

Free Soloists: Living life dangerously

Free soloing or free solo climbing is one of the most dangerous sports out there. You do not have any safety harness, protective equipment or ropes to rely on. This sport solely depends on the free soloist’s ability. Climbers of this sport take note of the speed of their ascent. Free solo climbing also requires intense focus and for most, adrenaline rush. The difficulty of the route to climb lies in the soloist’s abilities. In this sport, the soloist has the freedom to choose what structure to climb, from high cliffs to skyscrapers which leads to buildering. The weather conditions … Continue reading Free Soloists: Living life dangerously

The hobby (or sport) that is Fishing

Fishing is not just a hobby but also a sport. A lot of people want to try this activity but doesn’t have enough knowledge making them fail their first attempt. One of the most important part of fishing is the Gangion. It is a short line attached to a trawl. In some countries, a gangion is also known as a multiple-hook rig used to bottom fish. This term is widely used specially in Southern California. The simplest rig for bottom fishing is called the basic gangion also known as simple hook gangion. This type of rig is best used for … Continue reading The hobby (or sport) that is Fishing

A Love That Will Never Fade

We’ve been together for 23 years. 23 years of waking up beside you. 23 years of laughing, crying and fighting with you. We had 23 years filled with joyful moments and sad memories. We built a home out of a house. We watched our children grow from infant to adults. We went on numerous dates. We been to hundreds of place. We ate thousands of meals on the same table. We shared more than what the naked eye sees. I remember the day you proposed. You told me we have to attend a formal gathering. When we reached the venue, … Continue reading A Love That Will Never Fade

Those things called Rigging supplies

I see steel chains everywhere on a daily basis. Bike locks, door chains, chain link fencing, almost too many to mention. But what exactly are steel chains? It is typically made out of metal and consist of two or more links. Its use varies from being decorations to weapon materials. Mainly, those designed for lifting have links that are torus shaped. This makes the chain flexible in two dimensions. While the one designed to transfer power in machines are only flexible in one dimension. These steel chains can be used in multiple ways. Steel chain decorations are mostly worn by … Continue reading Those things called Rigging supplies