Those things called Rigging supplies

I see steel chains everywhere on a daily basis.

Bike locks, door chains, chain link fencing, almost too many to mention. But what exactly are steel chains?

It is typically made out of metal and consist of two or more links. Its use varies from being decorations to weapon materials.

Mainly, those designed for lifting have links that are torus shaped. This makes the chain flexible in two dimensions.

While the one designed to transfer power in machines are only flexible in one dimension.

These steel chains can be used in multiple ways.

steel coil chain
an example of a steel chain (proof coil)

Steel chain decorations are mostly worn by man as jewelry. It is also used to transfer power as mentioned above.

Remember those chains you see near the pedals of your bike? It is the steel chain.

It transfers power from the pedals to the wheels of the bicycle causing it to move.

Another example is a chainsaw, the word says it all. Probably the best function of steel chains are connected to ships.

Anchor cables are used by ships and boats. Those big chunky chains connect the boat’s anchor to the ship itself.

This prevents the vessel from moving due to the wind or current. To be able to hold the ship and the anchor, the steel chains have to be in proper condition.

The steel has to be strong and thick enough or else the ship might drift away or the chain breaks. Steel chains were also used as a weapon.

A chain-shot is a type of ammunition for a cannon. It inflicts damage to the rigging of a ship in the war times.

Chains may not be the most interesting thing to see or touch.

But they definitely have a big role on our daily lives. It’s an accessory, a security measure, a weapon and a thing that keeps you firm into place.

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