Free Soloists: Living life dangerously

Free soloing or free solo climbing is one of the most dangerous sports out there.

You do not have any safety harness, protective equipment or ropes to rely on. This sport solely depends on the free soloist’s ability. Climbers of this sport take note of the speed of their ascent.

Free solo climbing also requires intense focus and for most, adrenaline rush.

The difficulty of the route to climb lies in the soloist’s abilities. In this sport, the soloist has the freedom to choose what structure to climb, from high cliffs to skyscrapers which leads to buildering.

The weather conditions and loose rocks are some of the major risks in this sport.

There are many high-profile climbers that have died while free soloing. A single move may cause one’s death or serious injuries. A good pair of climbing shoes and a bag of chalk is necessary to lessen the risk of falling.

There are confined routes that a climber may go to practice free solo climbing.

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