The day that changed my life forever


I just got home from work. I am as tired as an overworked cow. I did not bother to cook dinner since no one will eat it anyway. No one else will even starve.

No one since there’s nobody else in this house but me.

I’ve been alone for 10 years now. Ten lonely years had passed. It’s been exactly 3,652 days since my entire family burned into ashes.

I was only 8 years old that time. On the way home from school with my older brother, we saw fire trucks passed one by one. One, two, three, I lost count. At first, we did not care at all. Until one of our neighbors called us from across the street and screamed “Your house is on fire!”.

My brother ran leaving me frozen in shock. I walked to our house as fast as I could. I could not find my brother anymore. I asked strangers if they saw my brother but no one can tell me where he was.

I heard screams from inside the house. It was my brother begging for help. He said he found our parents.

But no one went in. Not a single fire fighter or police.

I cried and pleaded on my knees, asking them to save my family. But they were unable to stop the fire. I watched our house burn down with my whole family inside of it.

A few days after that, they held a memorial service for my family. We could not arrange a funeral since they were all turned into ashes.

Arranging funerals are exceptionally hard but having no body to bury or even prepare a funeral for is much harder.

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