Family weekend fun


Canyoning, also known as Canyoneering, is a very popular sport. This sport involves different activities that will test your strength and skills.

This rope sport combines other sports such as rock climbing, cliff jumping and rappelling.

This recreational activity has been our family bonding since 2015. My brother was the first one who went Canyoneering.

With his group of friends, they went Canyoneering. This is their annual reunion activity.

After his first trek, my brother planned a weekend trip for us. He arranged everything, from the transportation to the trail guide.

The trail was like a power walk. We were hiking for a good 20 minutes before we arrived at the first cliff. My brother chose to jump without a life vest since he is a great swimmer.

Being a no-swim-just-float kind of girl, I needed the life jacket. It was such a high cliff and I nearly backed out. Luckily, I had naughty sisters behind me. They pushed me down without a warning! Good idea, push the little sister of a cliff.

After swimming for about 7 minutes, we reached the climbing spot. There was a rope that we had to use to go up. Did someone pull us up? NO. We had to climb on our own.

The whole trek was absolutely tiring but I will definitely do it again.

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